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Surrendering into Virgo Season! The Moon Diaries for Week beginning August 22

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday August 22, 2022

This week we are really wrapped up with everything "life" parenting, teaching, supporting others in our community and it's just become apparent to us that we can't do the moon diaries live as we had hoped to! And will just be publishing our written report for this week.

However we are holding a New Moon Online Circle on Friday evening so if you miss seeing us in person this week please join us for the New Moon manifesting, meditations and rituals on Friday. Find out more here.


Now ... to this weeks Moon Diaries! If your moon is in Cancer, Leo or Virgo you are having a moon birthday this week! The Sun also moves into Virgo this week so happy solar birthday to all the August & September Virgos xx

This week is the Gratitude & Surrender phase of the moon. It's time to wind down the 'doing' and practice gratitude and gurudakshina (giving back) in respect to all you received this moon cycle. Recognise where you have an abundance and offer some of this to someone else Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. This could include herbs, produce, time, money, skills, energy... etc


Monday 22 August - Moon in Cancer Monday is Moon Day - we hope you were able to take some time to be with the water element, cancer governs water and emotions. Today has the capacity to be emotional so be gentle and take things easy.

Tuesday 23 August - Moon in Cancer Mars Day - today the Sun leaves Leo and we officially enter into Virgo Season. The greater cosmic news today is the Sun crosses the fixed star Regulus on it's journey into Virgo (August 21-23). Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars (Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut), which ancient astrologers considered the sacred guardians to four cosmic gates located in the north, south, east, and west corners of the sky. Regulus was the guardian of the northern cosmic gate, which holds vibrations said to activate our highest chakras (Forever Conscious).

Regulus is considered the Heart of the Lion and can activate success, wealth and status due to its royal presence. Today this energy peaks and is a great time to be keeping in your focus what it is in your life you're wanting to call success and wealth to.

Wednesday 24 August - Moon in Leo

With the Sun having moved through Regulus (the Heart of the Lion) and the Moon entering Leo there is a lot of higher frequency Lion energy around at the moment. These are really beautiful aspects to look at your relationship to your energy and where you can make positive and powerful vibrational shifts. Eat cleaner today, think positive thoughts, allow communication to be a little more cosmic to shift your cosmic vibrational frequency. A great day to channel or look for prophetic insight and synchronicity.

Thursday 25 August - Moon in Leo

Today is the Venus Gateway where Venus the morning star enters the underworld for the next two months and is not visible in the night sky. This time is a period of death and rebirth, where after two months, when Venus reappears as the evening star. Spend some time today contemplating what aspects of you or your life you are ready to surrender to open up and receive the alchemy of transformation over these next two months. We enter the dark of the moon so today is a day to stop the striving, working, stressing and doing. It's time to rest, stay at home if you can and do what your body and psyche need to rest in the cave.

Friday 26 August Moon in Leo

On Venus day, with the moon in Leo and Mercury enters Libra. This is a very romantic, playful and creative day! Allow yourself to be drawn to beautiful places, scenery, art galleries or with people you can have fun with. however, we are still in the dark of the moon so if you feel like remaining in your cave, you can stay here to rest, meditate, explore the psychic regions of your mind.

Our New Moon Circle is this evening at 8pm so plan to wrap up your Friday and week in circle with beautiful women! Subscribe & join here

Saturday 27 August New Moon in Virgo

Today the sun squares Mars (the god of war) and Mars is in Gemini (which is ruled by Mercury - communication & tricks) so this new moon can have an edge to it in relation to thoughts, words and actions. If you've been able to rest during the dark of the moon you will be best placed to not get caught up in the fire of edgy mars. Given that today is Saturn day... discipline and dedication you'll be best to wait until Sunday and Monday to settle on your new moon intentions as the energy has the ability to send us a little off track.

Sunday 28 August Moon in Virgo

Sun Day - the light will start to return to the new moon in the friendly, organised, dedicated and creative sign of Virgo. A wonderful day to imagine and organise your intentions into action plan for the new moon cycle ahead. Make a ritual around the process, enjoy gathering late winter blossom flowers, make a cup of tea and settle in for some lovely self care & new moon cycle planning.

Have a beautiful week and we look forward to seeing you on Friday evening for the New Moon Circle in Virgo or next week for our live Moon Diaries. Many moon blessings, moon women! xx

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