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Hybrid Solar Eclipse - Moon Diaries Report

This episode is an extract from our New Moon Hybrid Solar Eclipse circle. It is a fascinating discussion about the spiritual meaning of a hybrid solar eclipse, the science behind this solar and lunar event, it’s placement in the Cetus Constellation (The Sea Monster / Whale) and how to work as an initiate within these eclipse energies between now, the Venus Gate on the Throat Chakra Gateway on Sunday, and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in May.

Or you can tune into the podcast here!

Some things you can do to support yourself and make the most of this acceleration portal...

  • Find time each day for a daily meditation & journaling or contemplation

  • Pay attention to your dreams, intuition and synchronicities - these are all 5D capacities that will really be lighting up

  • Don't take anything 'unusual' or synchronistic for granted - this is your capacity to start to see through the 3D & 4D planes of materialism and work outside of time and space

  • Talk to people who inspire you or who light you up.. make time for spiritually aligned conversations! Awakenings are accelerated when we're sharing enlightening moments with people we admire and who inspire us.

  • Make sure you view the recording of our Moon Circle to prepare for eclipse season and receive the process and meditations to do in your own time. We are preparing for a twin moon cycle journey of awakening, let's do it together.

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