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Full Moon Releasing and Healing Bath Ritual

Full Moon Bath Recipe

You will need:

Glass jar

  • 1-2 cups magnesium flakes

  • 1-2 cups of sea salt

  • a handful of Sage (can be dried or fresh)

  • a handful of Rosemary (can be dried or fresh)

  • a handful of Mugwort (mainly found dried)

  • a clear quartz crystal or another crystal of your choice

  • any other items you would like to decorate your bathroom with.

Mix the sea salt and herbs into a glass jar (make extra so that you can keep some for another night)

Create your sacred space

Before you bathe make sure your bathroom is the ideal setting for your bath ritual. Have your most favourite towels, turn on your diffuser, clear any clutter.

Make your bathroom feel extra sacred. Light candles, have your favourite crystals around the bath tub.

How to create your releasing full moon bath ritual

  1. Once your ritual space is set, begin to run your bath imagine the moonlight pouring in with the water. If like me you are lucky enough to have a window from which you can see the moon open the shutters and let her light in.

  2. As you add the magnesium and sea salt ask the Goddess to add the energy of purification.

  3. As you add the Sage, ask the Goddess for the wisdom to recognize the parts of your subconscious that is holding unnecessary clutter and stories that no longer serve you.

  4. As you add the Rosemary ask the Goddess for protection. Ask her to help you feel safe and resourced.

  5. As you add the Mugwort, ask the Goddess to enhance your psychic gifts and deepen your inner knowing and vision.

  6. Stir the bath in a fight of eight asking the Goddess again to bless and charge the water with her magickal feminine light.

  7. Place your chosen crystals in to the bath and let them sit for a moment.

  8. This is a wonderful time to cleanse your self with sage. Asking for the smoke to envelope your with light and love

  9. When you are ready gently step into t the bath and slowly submerge yourself feeling the sensations and listening to the sounds. Breath deeply and allow your nervous system to adjust. As you slow the breath lengthening the exhale you may find yourself sighing. The releasing process has begun.

  10. Play a mantra as you continue to relax. The Mul Mantra would be a beautiful mantra to support this process.  As you chant or listen take this time to begin to identify those old patterns, those old wounds, or the parts of your ego that are preventing you from truly standing in your most expanded self.

  11. Breathe slowly and deeply as you ask for massive healing. Feel the healing waters clear away any negativity, or anything that is no longer serving you. Let it go with your exhales. Heal and let go. Heal and let go. Invite whatever healing is for your highest good.

  12. When you are ready allow yourself to connect to the wisdom of the Moon. As you close your eyes visualise yourself outside bathing under the full moonlight. Ask the Moon for the guidance and wisdom. Ask the moon to share her wisdom with you. Stay quiet and simply listen.

  13. When you are ready to finish your bath take out the plug and lay there feeling the water leaving the bath taking away all you have released. When the water has nearly all gone take a cup of water a place it to one side.

  14. When you are dry take the cup of water outside and return the water to the earth with love and gratitude.

  15. Finally put your crystal into the jar with your remaining salt + herbs, and set the jar outside to be charged by the Full Moon light. Now you have your own magical bath salts charged with the energy of the full moon that can be used at any time for deep healing.

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