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First Full Moon of 2023 - A gentle return (The Moon Diaries)

We are having a soft return to the working year and have put together a special moon diaries report from an extract from our recent Online Full Moon Circle. Tune in to hear our predictions for the collective intentions for this year and an overview of the beautiful full moon energy that is carrying us through this gentle induction into 2023.


This special moon diaries report is an extract from our first Online Full Moon Circle for 2023, how and why this is a slow flow into 2023 and a chat about the real time sky / sidereal view of the Full Moon in Gemini and a look at tropical astrology of the Cancer Full Moon.

We'll be back on Monday with our Live Moon Diaries report in our FB group The Gathering.

If you are interested in joining the full circle you can watch the replay now in our Online Moon Circles with a one month subscription for $11 or you can join with an annual pass for just $99 and receive three months for free!

Please do subscribe to our channel and share with anyone you think might enjoy this episode. Leila & Sam xx


The Moon Diaries are a weekly look at the moon, nature and cosmic events to plan your week, calibrate your business or the business of the householder and to reharmonises with the cycles of natural law.

You can tune in live with us at the beginning of the week in our private Facebook group The Gathering or subscribe to YouTube or your favourite podcast channel to receive your weekly guide! Find a podcast channel here

Read more about Beltane in The Archive and receive your seasonal ritual to mark the season.

Many moon blessings, moon beings! See you next week live in The Gathering or afterwards on your favorite podcast app or YouTube xx

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